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In 2018 Nicole co-curated a jewellery exhibition at Het Labo Atrium in Tokyo, while Alex was living and tattooing in Japan. This exhibition brought together the works of European and Japanese Artists, like a round table conversation.

curated by Hatsuko Kobayashi & Nicole Schuster

showing the works of Sara Gackowska, Hatsuko Kobayashi, Takashi Kojima, Julia Maria Künnap, Eriko Matsuda, Daniel Michel, Nicole Schuster, Carina Shoshtary, Fumiki Taguchi, Aki Yamamoto


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GOLDEN FUDO - paintings and jewellery

November 2023: the first exhibition at Golden Fudo Gallery showing paintings by Alex and the introduction of Golden Fudo jewellery: a collaboration between Alex del Rio (drawings) & Nicole Schuster (c


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