Alex Del Rio was born in Bilbao (Spain), graduated in Art at University of the Basque Country and worked in Cartoons for cinema and TV, did 3D modelling, digital printmaking as well as painting exhibitions.

He started tattooing in 2006 in Om Tattoo (Bilbao), apprentice to Nora Lazpita.

Always drawn to exotic places and cultures, he started travelling abroad in his early 20's.


This journey has brought him to live and work in Ireland, Germany and Japan (for a shorter period). He has done several guest spots in Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden and took part in International Tattoo Conventions such as Amsterdam, Brussels and Prison Ink in Denmark. 

At the end of 2018 Alex came back from Japan where he studied and practiced Traditional Japanese tattoo style. He also studied Buddhism, Zen and Shintoism, visited multiple shrines and temples to study their woodworks and paintings and attended every museum and exhibition related to Ukiyo-e and the Edo period he could find. He is very passionate about Japanese culture and Art.

“Tattooing for me is a mix between the forbidden and the sacred, timeless (the relevance, aesthetics and meanings are beyond trends or fashion) and empowering to the wearer".