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Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos - Jewellery - Art & Apparel


Golden Fudo is the vision of two artists following their passion.

Alex del Rio graduated in Art at University of the Basque Country in Bilbao and worked in cartoons for cinema and TV, did 3D modelling, digital printmaking as well as painting exhibitions. He started tattooing in 2006, which brought him to live and work in Ireland, Germany and Japan as well as to several guest spots and conventions all over Europe. 

At the end of 2018 Alex came back from Japan where he studied and practiced Traditional Japanese Tattoo style. He also studied Buddhism, Zen, and Shintoism, visited numerous shrines and temples to study their woodwork and paintings, and visited every museum and exhibition related to ukiyo-e and the Edo period that he could find. He is very passionate about Japanese culture and art and seeks to recreate the traditional Japanese private studio ambience with GOLDEN FUDO.

Nicole Schuster trained to be a goldsmith at Technical College of Glass and Jewellery in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz and finished her studies of Jewellery and Objects at University Pforzheim / School of Design with a diploma in 2008. After some years working in Ireland, she came to Munich, where she has her atelier since. Her work is permanently presented by over 20 galleries and exhibitions worldwide and received several awards. Nicole also co-curated two exhibitions of contemporary jewellery in Tokyo and curated an exhibition for the Arts and Crafts Association in Munich to show a comparison of objects and jewellery from Japan and Germany.


“Tattooing for me is a mix between the forbidden and the sacred, timeless (the relevance, aesthetics and meanings are beyond trends or fashion) and empowering to the wearer". 

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