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A comparison of objects and jewelry from Japan and Germany: “Monozukuri” is more than just craft; it is a way of thinking, a spirit, a philosophy. It's the Japanese work ethic and pursuit
Perception. Historically the word was associated with an individual
used by craftsmen who took pride in their products. What influence does the culture in which we grow up, in which we learn, in which
we live have on our creative work?
The exhibition aims to take the viewer on a journey through the cultures of Japan and Germany, where they will experience the differences in craftsmanship and design and certainly discover more
similarities than expected.

Her interest in Japanese and German Arts and Craft let Nicole to the idea and curation of this exhibition of Jewellery and Objects, presented by the Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association in Munich (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein München) from the 21. January until the 19. February 2022. 

Showing the works of: David Blander, Helen Britton, David Dott, Isabelle Enders, Anne Fischer, Mirjam Hiller, Yu Hiraishi, Koichi Io, Kimiaki Kageyama, Hatsuko Kobayashi, Takashi Kojima, Unk Kraus, Markus Bollinger, Juliane Schölß, Nicole Schuster, Misato Ski, Gisbert Stach, Christoph Straube, Mariko Sumioka, Fumiki Taguchi, Takayoshi Terajima, Kohei Ukai, Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe, Ryota Watanabe.  


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