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When the new year arrives, the seven lucky gods (Shichifukujin) sail on their treasure ship from heaven to earth and give out gifts and happiness. On board: *Fukurokuju: the god of wealth, happiness, wisdom and longevity. In his crane he carries the scroll of wisdom and longevity, which contains deep knowledge of the world, and also contains the secret of immortality and the date of death for each living thing. 

*Jurojin: also god of wisdom and longevity. Popular with teachers and scientists. He loves wine and women and has a deer friend with him. His treasure is as well the scroll.

*Hotei: the laughing buddha, god of happiness and contentment. He is the protector of children and patron of bartenders. He has a big belly and a big magic bag that is always full of treasures and food, never empty and uses it to help the poor.

*Ebisu: Shinto god of labor and especially popular with farmers, fishermen and merchants. He is also the god of the ocean and carries a fishing rod in his left hand and a big fish in his right one. 

*Daikokuten: god of wealth, earth, rice, agriculture and patron of farmers. He carries a bag of treasures on his back and holds a magic wooden hammer. When he shakes it, coins fall out. With it he can also hit something and make everything we wish appear.

*Benzaiten: goddess of love, beauty, fertility, literature, art and music. In her hands she holds a "biwa".

*Bishamonten: god of warriors and treasure, defender of the nation, stomber of demons and evil and healer of the sick. In one hand he holds a polearm, on the other a stupa.


This high-quality single jersey T-Shirt is made of 100% organic ring-spun cotton. It is a regular fit with a fabric weight of 5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²).

The manufacturing of this item is lawful, ethical and safe to the workers and environment.


    S 69cm 49cm 20,6cm
    M 72cm 52cm 21,6cm
    L 74cm 55cm 22,6cm
    XL 76cm 58cm 22,6cm
    XXL 78cm 61cm 23,6cm

    Measurements are provided by our supplier and may vary slightly. 

    EU-sizes correspond to a smaller size in the US market. US customers should order one size up.

    ...measure your favourite T-shirt at home and compare the measurement in our size guide!

    *LENGHT: highest point on collar/shoulder to the bottom of the shirt.

    *WIDTH: side to side under the sleeve.

    *SLEEVE LENGTH: from top of the set-in sleeve to the hem of the sleeve.

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